"Developement of an Interdisciplinary Fragment of Russian Grid Segment: State of Art"

A national interdisciplinary Grid-segment is being developed in Moscow as research tool in metacomputing ivestigations. A 1,0 Gb/s communication line is built and serves as backbone in framework of the project. The interdisciplinary Grid-segment developement and offered decisions testing is carried out within the framework of Eropean project EU DataGrid under CERN general management. There are three directions of investigation that we have marked as most prospective:
1. Biomedical metacomputing Grid-decisions for large-scale computing tasks in biology and health care.
2. Grid-services providing using specialized portals for interested users (first of all for the scientific organisations)
3. Studying some aspects for building of knowledge networks (KN).

At first, an experimental prototype of Grid-based version of BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) has been developed and tested. BLAST is the most usable tool in genomic research and it needs also a lot of computer resources.

The experience of the interdisciplinary Grid-segment development made clear, that specialized interfaces are of key importance for an effective usage of Grid-resources. We assume that the right way is to develope user/problem oriented Grid services and portals. An example to go with is our attempt to provide access to BLAST by specialized portal of Institute of Molecular Biology. Two ideas has been chosen with high priority in KN developement. These are developement of appropriate portal and metadata model as steps of integration of information resources of a subject domain in a full digital library (DL). Such a portal with an appropriate interface and a set of services should be a uniform point of access to DL. DL is projected essentialy as an open system providing mechanisms of connection of the most different collections using various methods. Dublin Core with qualifiers is offered to be a main solution for metadata formats.