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The European Space Agency missions involve the download, from space to ground, of about 100 Gigabytes of raw images per day. For example, only OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) satellite sends 3624 Mbyte every 100 minutes.

Dedicated ground infrastructures have been set up to handle the data produced by instruments onboard the satellites. The analysis of atmospheric ozone data has been selected as a specific testbed for the DataGrid.

More generally, the project will demonstrate an improved way to access and process large volumes of data stored in distributed European-wide archives.

The primary goal of Earthgrid project is to address the formidable challenges associated with enabling analysis of and knowledge development from global Earth System models. Through a combination of Grid technologies and emerging community technology, distributed federations of supercomputers and large-scale data & analysis servers will provide a seamless and powerful environment that enables the next generation of climate research.