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The need to create Virtual Organization.

Users don't have login accounts with passwords for accessing the computing Grid resources they want to use. Instead they hold a certificate issued by a Certificate Authority. This certificate authenticates them to the required resources. Authentication, however, does not mean automatic access to the resource. Access control for the computing resources (authorization) is an question of a local policy, in the Grid environment it is done by mapping the accepted set of user certificates to local user accounts. Moreover, VO is virtual community of people or organizations with common resourses and goals..

Science & Society" Certification Authority

Virtual Organization "Grid Research"

"Grid Research" is the first VO created and supported by TC "S&S". The goal of its creation was to provide VO members an access to Grid resourses.

"Grid Research" VO supports the creation of groups. A group is a subset of the "Grid Research" VO and is maintained by an assigned group manager. The purpose of groups creation is ability to assign certain access rights to the whole group of users rather than to assign it to every given user. At present, the number of "Grid Research" users is not big enough and there is only one group with similar rigts to access resources.

Information about every member of VO is stored on LDAP server in hierarchial tree order. This information contains some personal data such as distinguished name or E-mail, subject of X.509 certificate, and certificate itself in binary format.

See the members of VO "Grid Research"

Virtual Organization "New Generation Vaccines" (В. О. МНТП "Вакцины Нового Поколения") Members: State Scientific Center "Institute of Immunology", Institute of Vaccines and Wheys RAMS (Moscow), State Scientific Center of Virusology & Biotechnology "Vector" (Novosibirsk), Biomedical Center (St.-Petersburg), Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry RAS (Moscow), Institute of Boichemistry RAS (Moscow).


Future Virtual Organizations

Current Clients of Internet - prospective clients for Grid - service providing.

Members: Moscow Medical Academy, State Scientific Oncology Centre, State Institute of Standards and Whey Testing, Sklifosofsky Emergency Care Institute, Institute of Virusology ,Institute of Epidemiology, Institute of Physical- Chemical Medicine, Institute of Gene Biology, State Scientific Medical Library