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Articles & Links

Aleksey Joutchkov. VIII International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Analisis Techniques
in Physics Research (ACAT'2002). Co-authors: N. Tverdokhlebov, S. Arnautov, A. Yanovsky, Y. Lyssov,
A. Cherny. Abstract.
"Developement of an Interdisciplinary Fragment of the Russian Grid Segment: State of the Art"

Aleksey Joutchkov, Nikolay Tverdokhlebov, Sergey Arnautov, Sergey Golitsyn
"Digital Libraries" magazine, 2002, volume 5, issue 5.
"Digital Library in semantic network as the result of evolution of the project information system""

Aleksey Joutchkov
Tarusa, 2001
"Application of transport networks for scientific and educational projects

Sergey Arnautov
RCDL'2001 conference, Petrozavodsk, 11.09.2001
Abstract: Prospects of creation of digital libraries in the Russian Academy of Sciences, which potentially can become universal repositories of knowledge and information created by establishments and scientists of academy are considered. Key functions of such libraries are maintenance of effective integration and interoperability of diverse information resources and publication / registration of all kinds of the scientific information, including maintenance of its availability, authenticity and archival storage in digital form.
"Role of virtual digital libraries in Internet"

Sergey Arnautov, Alexey Joutchkov.
RCDL'2001 conference, Petrozavodsk, 11.09.2001
Abstract: Information about development of the new approach in creation of an information infrastructure (named as GRID in English) on the basis of the Internet is given. The role and functions of perspective digital libraries in this environment is discussed.
"The uniform environment of the distributed resources (Grid) and digital libraries"

Digital magazine "Metronom" about the role of TC "Science & Society" in developement of Grid technology in Russia.
"The Grid will be an alternative for Internet in Russia"

"Top New" digital magazine (Internet & Technologies digest) about the building by TC "Science & Society" of Grid network
"In Russia will be build an alternative for Internet."

Aleksey Joutchkov's interview to Russian department of BBC BBCRussian.com
"Russia is connected to the "grid"."

Aleksey Joutchkov's interview to NetCity digital magazine.
"Russia is connected to the "grid"."

Aleksey Joutchkov's interview to "Security" digital newspaper.
""Internet of the future" already exists."